Make Mini Corndog Racers

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Are you enjoying race season so far?  The first time I actually got into racing was several years ago on a trip to North Carolina.  There's nothing quite like being at the races with hot passes, getting down on the track, seeing the cars, and meeting the drivers to really get you into a sport!  I learned a lot on that trip and developed a new appreciation for racing.  This season, we're excited about Ty Dillon in Car #95.

No sporting event at our house is complete without snacks.  Of course, those snacks just have to be cute.  We are loving how adorable these Mini Corndog Racers are, and they are great with ketchup, mustard, or other spicy dipping sauces.

Would you like to make them for your family?  Your kids will be sure to love them, and maybe play with them too.

What You Need:
  • Mini corndogs, cooked (you can make your own or buy & heat the premade kind)
  • Spaghetti noodles, dry
  • String Cheese
  • Cute animal or people food picks for decoration

How to Make:
  • Cook your corndogs per the package directions or make your own!  We own a little kitchen device that makes mini corndogs, but opted for the premade kind since it is a little bit easier.  If you don't like corndogs, you can substitute cooked mini sausages or cooked hot dogs (slice those into thirds).
  • In the meantime, cut your string cheese into rounds, no more than a quarter inch thick.  You'll need four (4) rounds per corndog to make the wheels.
  • Skewer a spaghetti noodle into the center of a cheese wheel, then feed the spaghetti noodle through the tip of the corndog to form the front wheel base.
  • Add a second cheese wheel on the sticking out end and push it down the noodle until it reaches the corndog.
  • Using sharp kitchen shears, snip the noodle right where it is flush with the cheese wheel.
  • Repeat the process to make the back wheel set too.
  • Add a cute animal food pick to make the driver!
  • Serve with ketchup, mustard, or barbecue sauce!
Why spaghetti noodles for the wheels?   It's a question we get a lot!  The heat of the cooked corndog, plus the cool dampness of the cheese will soften the noodles.  We prefer them to toothpicks, so the whole food item is edible in one bite if desired.

Optional but cute, make mini flags out of washi tape and toothpicks for the back of the car! Just fold washi tape over a tooth pick to make a square flag, then trim into a triangle point.  Faith helped make the cute set we used for these racers out of assorted colors of washi tape.  You could do team colors, black and white, add numbers to the flags, the possibilities are endless.

What are your favorite race day snacks? We like to pair up our Mini Corndog Racers with chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, and other simple finger foods, so we can enjoy the race and relax!

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  1. These little racers are way too cute! My kids would not want to east them because they are adorable! #client


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