Quick Lunch in Our New Goodbyn

We've been really liking the new Goodbyn boxes we received a few weeks ago!

They hold a lot of food, seal tightly, and come in some great colors.  Faith is even happier that she got a purple Bynto and a purple Hero since we usually opt for colors that Ben picks.

In this lunch, Faith has two mini slider sandwiches, made with turkey, pepperoni, and cheddar cheese.  I had a few mini buns leftover from dinner, so they were the perfect lunchbox addition.  Since they were a little under-decorated, we added cute bunny picks to spruce them up.

In the middle compartment, I used one of the mini dipper containers that came with the Hero to hold applesauce (it holds about 1/3 cup).  Since it seals very securely, we were able to put her animal crackers right next to it with no worries about leaks.  The third compartment holds grapes and some more of our cute bunny picks.

We're going to be testing out our Goodbyns this week and next, and we're going to have a set to giveaway too!  Keep checking back and I'll announce on Facebook when the giveaway begins too.