Shrek Swamp Parfaits

We're having a little fun with some movie-based projects this week, and prepping for our Shrek Swampathon movie marathon to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Shrek.  Since it will be a Swampathon, we thought we'd make Shrek Swamp Parfaits.

Each parfait is full of yummy key lime yogurt, fresh grapes and kiwi, and dark chocolate granola, no swamp water included.  Switch out the fruits with whatever green fruits you have on hand (apples, honeydew, etc) and you'll have totally different flavors.

Key Lime yogurt
Grapes, quartered
Kiwi, peeled, sliced into rounds and quartered
Dark chocolate granola, crumbled instead of larger chunks

At the bottom of a mason jar or glass, spoon in a layer of key lime yogurt.
Top the yogurt with a scoop of granola.
Place kiwi on top of the granola.
Add more yogurt and more granola.
Make a ring of grapes around the outside edge of the granola and fill the middle with remaining yogurt.
Top with one last sprinkle of granola and serve!
What do you love in your parfaits?

Disclosure: The information in this post, a copy of Shrek, 15th Anniversary Edition, and other goodies were provided to me as part of my relationship with Fox Home Entertainment Insiders. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. That looks so yummy! And the presentation is beautiful!

  2. Oh...also, my favorite Shrek character is Donkey.

  3. Shrek is the possibly the one-movie representation of my entire childhood.

  4. My favorite character from Shrek is the gingerbread man.

  5. Shrek is awesome! I totally have the 3-D movie they released that used the red/blue glasses still. Lol.


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