Bentgo Boxes for Camp

We have more camp lunches to share this week!

If you're just joining us, the boy was at marine life science camp last week.  Camp was from 9am to 1:30pm, and the campers needed to bring lunch and a snack.  Since it wasn't a crazy late camp, Ben didn't necessarily need a huge lunch since he also ate again when he came home.

So since I was having fun with lunches, I decided to pack our cute Bentgo Kids box.  It's got lots of neat sealed compartments, so it's a good choice for smaller amounts of lots of items.  I did split one of the compartments in two with silicone cups.

In this lunch, Ben took a sliced boiled egg, some cheese crackers, chopped strawberries, blackberries, a few gummies, and ham and cheese roll-ups.  He was a bit fascinated with these and, I have to admit, they did look cute.

To make them, I set out several pieces of deli ham with the ends overlapping, then used a stick of string cheese to roll them around.  I sliced the rolls with a sharp knife and got the cute little ham and cheese rolls in the bottom right corner of the box.  We ended up using two pieces of string cheese and about 6 slices of thin ham for what's in the box, plus we ate the end pieces at the house since they weren't pretty enough for photos!

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