EasyLunchboxes for Camp

Since marine life camp is a week long, the boy will end up needing 5 lunches when all is said and done.  Since there's not too much else going on, I decided to rotate lunch foods and boxes, mostly to entertain myself.

For the Tuesday camp lunch, I chose one of our EasyLunchboxes since I knew I was going to need to use one of the MiniDippers, so may as well make it all match!

Ben took 4 of the corndog muffins we made for a Facebook Live show on Quirky Momma a few days prior.  I was smart enough to hide a few so we could use them in a lunch this week.  The Mini Dipper holds ketchup for dipping the muffins.  Since the overall protein was a bit low, I added some cut up cheese in a silicone muffin cup.  Camp only lasts until 1:30pm, so I'm not too worried if he's a bit hungry mid-afternoon. For fruits, I picked a fresh kiwi we happened to have in the fridge and a mini orange.

Normally, we would add food picks and other accoutrements to the lunch, but I didn't want him to have to worry about making sure all the little things came home.  Camp lunch is fairly short so they can do more cool activities