Make a Fruit-opus (Fruit Octopus)

This was totally not planned.  At all.  I was actually shooting FB Live for a different site and talking about how to make a simple orange flower.  I had an orange peeled in case, but I also peeled one on camera and something amazing happened.  It peeled perfectly, without a mess!  But when I realized *how* it peeled, I set it aside and used a different one in my live video because I had a brilliant idea!

Meet my Fruitopus or this one specifically, my Nonopus!

He kind of gave me the Finding Dory, Hank the Septopus vibe, sine he is also not a perfect octopus.  He would have been a Decapus, but one of the orange slices came apart, so we have decided he must be a Nonopus.  I took a LOT of pictures of him because I'm not sure I'll ever be able to perfectly replicate him.  I could lay out the orange pieces, but the fact they fell apart exactly as needed?  That may never happen again.

Want to make one? You'll need:

1 cutie mini orange
1 strawberry, preferable a more squarish one
2 candy eyes
A dab of cream cheese or Nutella or melted chocolate (to stick the eyes on).

Peel your orange carefully. Try to keep it attached at one of the ends if possible.  Spread it out into a flower shape on a plate.

Hull your strawberry.  Flip it stem side down and carefully use dots of cream cheese (or another sticky substance) to "glue" the eyes in place.

Place your strawberry on your orange flower and you've got your octopus!  Or your nonopus!  Or whatever other amount of legs your sea critter has.

And if you know the trick for how to actually make your orange peel like this?  Tell me please!


  1. This is adorable! Can't wait for strawberry season where I live so that I can make this for my son!


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