Our All-New R2D2 Bento Box

It hit me, while making Ben's camp lunches, that I had bought an R2D2 bento box awhile back and hadn't had time to use it.

That had to be solved asap, so I adjusted our lunch plans to fit into the R2D2.  Isn't he the coolest?  He actually holds a whole lot more food than I expected too.

So what's in R2D2?  He actually has three separate sections--two round ones that split on top of each other, then a third domed section.  If you look really closely at the sealed version, you can see that the center silver squares aren't perfectly lined up.  That's the line between the two bottom bowls, then the navy line below the silver "head" is the divider for the top.  Since both bottom bowls are pretty deep, we used those for most of the food.

One of the bottom bowls holds two fish shaped sandwiches (turkey and cheese on white-wheat), stacked on top of each other so they fit length-wise.  There was plenty of space height-wise for two.  Since there was still room leftover, I added Star Wars graham crackers in the surround spots.

The other bowl holds vanilla yogurt with sliced strawberries.  Again, much more food than I expected, I didn't even get close to filling the bowl with what Ben usually has.  In the top dome, I added some granola in a small Goodbyn container for him to mix in the yogurt later on.  It would easily hold fruits like berries, dried snack items, etc.  It also holds a fair amount of food and the Goodbyn container isn't tiny.

Ben, of course, was super happy with getting to use the R2D2 box, so expect more posts with him in the future!