Planetboxes for Camp

The boy is off to sea life camp this week in one of the awesome beaches on Puget Sound.  Since camp runs from 9am to 1:30pm, they do have lunchtime, so I was able to break out the lunches this week!

For his first day of camp, I decided to use his Planetbox Rover since it holds a fair amount of food and added the Big and Little Dippers to hold parts of the food I didn't want to leak.  For lunch, I used the last of our mini croissants to make a simple turkey and white cheddar sandwich.  Since the sandwich was small, I added a sliced boiled egg for extra protein and fresh blackberries.  The boy has been on a parfait kick lately, so I filled the Big Dipper with vanilla yogurt and cut strawberries, then added granola in the Little Dipper to sprinkle on top when he ate it.

Since camp has an indoor component, I was able to just add a few small icepacks to keep the food cold.  Ben added a water bottle (imperative) and chose a granola bar and fruit gummies for snacks.

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