Shrek Movie Night Party Ideas

We've been enjoying a lot of family movie nights lately, between getting to check out cool sneak previews and receiving new movie releases for home viewing.  But the one thing we haven't done is had a full themed movie night, with snacks and dinner to go with our movie.

Fox sent us the new 15th Anniversary Edition of Shrek, along with the other Shrek movies, and lots of other goodies a few weeks ago and that became the theme of our "Let's Have a Movie Night Party" plan!

The most important part of a themed movie night, after choosing the movie, is the food.  Since we knew we were watching Shrek, green was the tie-in theme to our food.

The Garden Veggie Quesadillas were regular quesadillas but used green garden veggie tortillas (spinach would work too).  I paired those with grapes so we had some healthier items besides snacks.

We were able to find Shrek themed gummies at our grocery, so those were a definite add-on. Fox sent us the Swampcorn, which was an apple flavored caramel corn and very very good!

For a special treat, I made Shrek Pudding Cups.  These are similar to a dirt cup pudding cup, but I added a wee bit of green food coloring to the vanilla pudding when I made it.  The pudding just had to be green.  I split the pudding into four smaller cups and topped those with crushed Oreos.

The other fun treat was our Swamp Floats.  Fox sent us our very awesome frozen Swamp Talk mugs, so I knew they were perfect for floats.

To make Swamp Floats, scoop 1-2 scoops of lime sherbet into a mug.  Slowly pour your favorite lemon lime soda over top, being careful to not let it fizz over.  You may need to pour a little, pause, then pour a little more to fill the mug.  Serve immediately!

Need some other activities to go with your party? Check out these fun activity sheets.  Just click on any of the links to open up printable files.

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