It's All About Soccer--Camp, Lunch & More Fun

Over the years, we've developed a great system for camp lunches, all of which depend on the inside/outside factor.  Soccer camp fits decisively in the outside category.  The freezer is my extra special friend for this week.

In this lunch, Ben opted for a turkey and cheese sandwich on white-wheat.  I wasn't up for crazy fancy lunches but I do have some cute Lunch Punch cutters that I didn't mind using, so we made a quick airplane shape.  I added an extra cheese airplane because it looks good.

To the right, I peeled a clementine for convenience purposes, then added some frozen blackberries.  They thaw by lunchtime and, if not, Ben loves them frozen.  I also added a granola bar in the lunch so he could keep his lunch separate from his snacks.

I also packed many of the same snacks from previous days--frozen yogurt tubes, frozen applesauce pouches, granola bars, packs of pretzels and Goldfish.  Since it's outside soccer camp, I sent four water bottles, three filled with as much ice as I could fit and just a little bit of water, while the fourth had about half water/half ice so he had plenty to drink.  I packed all of that in a cooler with more ice packs to keep his food chilled.

Besides soccer camp, Ben's been spending his evenings playing soccer outside with his friends.  Rukket Sports sent him some great new pop up nets to try out and they've been perfect for his nightly pickup soccer games.  He's been wanting soccer nets for awhile, but with moving, I wanted something that was easily portable.  Big metal nets are not conducive with Army moves.

But these Rukket nets?  We are loving them!

We chose the two pack Rukket Half Moon Soccer Goals in the 6 foot size, but they're also available in 2.5 foot and 4 foot dimensions.  They're very easy to set up, just un-Velcro, untwist and they pop into full size.  Both front corners and the back center have pegs to stake them into the grass or dirt, and they are tied in place so they can be removed for street play if needed.

Both nets fold into a flat tear drop shape for storage, with a quick twist and a velcro strap.  The nets also come with a tear drop shaped carrying bag for storage--folded up, they are about 3.5 feet in length and flat, no more than 2 inches thick.    They are very lightweight, so easy for the kids to move them, set them up, and tear them down.  We definitely prefer the option of easy storage since the PNW rainy weather isn't great for outside storage.

Ben has been using them to practice his soccer skills in the backyard as well as for street play.  In the yard, we're able to tack them down with the little stakes for practicing targeted shooting, a much better option than our (shared) fence.  He likes being able to work on his dribbling across the yard with a specific goal to shoot for.  As fall soccer season begins, we know he'll get much more use out of them!  Highly recommended!


  1. I love that your son is so into soccer! My girls are too! Thanks for all the great tips about packing lunches for outdoor camp. Cold water is a must! And those soccer nets are awesome. How nice that they are light and portable! Sounds like it's being put to good use!


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