Jungle Fun Breakfast & Books

We're partnering with Parragon Books again to bring you a fun food idea along with some great books for kids.  This month, we had a jungle/wild animal theme to work with and we decided that breakfast was the way to go!  Wouldn't your kids love a ferocious lion waffle?

To make a lion waffle, you just need:

1 frozen waffle in your favorite flavor (we happened to have strawberry in the freezer)
1-2 clementine oranges, peeled and separated
1 vanilla wafer circle cookie
3 blueberries

Toast your waffle, per the package directions.
While it's toasting, peel and separate your clementines.  Pull off any of the white stringy parts.
Place your toasted waffle on the plate and arrange a circle of clementine wedges right along the outside but sitting on the plate.
Add a second, smaller circle of clementines around the outside *top* of the waffle.
Center your vanilla wafer at the bottom of the waffle to make the muzzle, then top with a blueberry nose.
Add two more blueberries for the eyes and serve!

Books to Check Out with Your Jungle Fun Breakfast

Factivity On-the-Go Fun: Animal Kingdom -

These types of kits were always a favorite of ours for travel!  Everything fits into one little suitcase and provides plenty of things for kids to do.  In this Animal Kingdom kit, there are three separate activity books--Underwater Wonderland, Polar Pals, and Forest Friends, along with two sticker sheets to go with the underwater booklet and colored pencils.

The books contain tons of animal facts, little quizzes, dot-to-dots, mazes, and more.  There is a lot to read and learn, so we'd definitely recommend the kit for those who are able to read on their own.  For a little animal lover, these books are adorable, with lots of new information for them to learn and share.

Disney Zootopia Collector's Tin -

Did you see Zootopia?  It's last year's Disney hit about a world inhabited by animals, with Judy Hopps as the police officer rabbit who needs to work with Nick Wilde, a con artist fox, to solve a mystery.  We all loved it!

The Zootopia Collector's Tin comes with coloring books, activity books, a double sided poster to color, stickers, and markers, all themed in Zootopia.  All of this is packed up in an adorable Zooopia tin with Judy Hopps on the front, so it can be store for later use or taken along and kept organized!

Factivity Safari Animals 4-in-1 Activity Pack -

Our final pick this month is the Factivity Safari Animals 4-in-1 Activity Pack.

This is another set packed up in its own box to make it easy to bring along with you. The kit contains a Safari Animals Activity book with facts and things to do, a double-sided poster kids can color, a 54-piece double sided jigsaw puzzle that kids can color, and 4 double color pencils to use on the puzzle and posters.  Between the puzzle and the poster, it has hours of coloring fun for kids, I wouldn't mind making one myself!

Any of the three would be an awesome gift for the little one in your life, or as the perfect accompaniment to an awesome jungle breakfast!

Disclosure: I received the books above as part of my relationship with Parragon Book Buddies.   All opinions expressed are my own.