More Soccer Camp Lunch Fun!

Out of all the soccer camp lunches, this one was probably my favorite and the boy's too!

Because of camp, I didn't want anything too fussy with picks and pieces to remember, but I still wanted something a little bit fun.  This monster face is extra easy to make, just a few quick cuts with kitchen scissors or a knife, plus a few edible features.

In this lunch, we have a ham and marble cheese monster sandwich on white-wheat bread.  Just make your sandwich, then cut a zigzag mouth about 2/3 of the way down on the top piece of bread.  My trick?  I have a pair of kitchen scissors that I hide from everyone else in the house so they are reserved for food use only.  It's much easier to cut with them than a knife.  For the tongue, I just trimmed an extra bit of ham into the right shape and wrapped it under the bread, then I added a few boiled egg slices for eyes.

I added sliced strawberries and a peeled clementine orange in the box, then packed a bag of other snacks for on the go.  Once again, I opted for individual items like granola bars, pretzels, Goldfish crackers, frozen yogurt tubes, frozen applesauce pouches, and a pack of fruit snacks for a treat.  All of it gets eaten and I just remind him to always eat the yogurt at the first snack break since it's the only perishable item!

Ben is having an absolute blast at soccer camp.

This is his second year of British Soccer Camps from Challenger Sports, which he got to attend thanks to my partnership with USFamilyGuide.

We chose a location nearby that offered a full-day sessions for Ben's age in later August, after our summer vacations. He went each day, from 9am to 4pm, which included an hour midday break for lunch and free play soccer.  They worked on a lot of skills--passing, dribbling, drills, etc, along with playing scrimmages each day.

The coaches are young men and women from the UK who come here to coach over the summer.  They were great with the kids and our location had 5-6 coaches at any given point.  They definitely did a great job of making camp fun for the kids with themed days and challenges in a World Cup style contest and it's apparent how much they are enjoying coaching the camp!

This was Ben's second year in a row to attend camp and we'll be looking for year 3 next summer at our next location.  We've had two great years so far, and his soccer skills have improved each time.  We'd definitely recommend this camp for your little soccer player!