More Soccer Camp Lunches!

Soccer camp kept the boy busy all last week and provided plenty of summer bento lunch opportunities.  The way the day is structured, the kids have multiple snack and water breaks during the day, along with an hour for lunch and free play.  Since there's so much running, we didn't watch a huge lunchtime meal, but opted for high protein meals, along with plenty of snacks for the day.

In this lunch, I chose the leftover chicken apple sausage as a change of pace from standard lunch meats.  We had grilled a few nights previously and cooked extra to have some available for lunches.  I sliced one into easy to pick up rounds and tucked them into a silicone muffin cup.  I had also bought yummy old cheddar that went perfectly with the sausage, so that was a second silicone cup.

I make a big batch of boiled eggs every week in my InstantPot in 5 minutes, so I added one of those too.  Fruits are always popular with my kids, so pineapple chunks and orange slices round out this lunch, then I added a few fruit gummies in the middle compartment for a treat.  Lunch is packed in a Bentgo Kids box.

I also packed a frozen yogurt tube, a frozen applesauce pouch, a second box containing dry snacks (granola bars, dried fruit, things in sealed packages), and four bottles filled completely with ice and a little bit of water to melt over the course of the day.  Plenty of food for my always starving boy!


  1. I soo could have used this when my son was in soccer camp a few weeks ago!!! He was miserable. It was so hot!! :(

    Amber |

    1. It isn't too bad for us, but we're in the PNW. I probably overpack the ice though. I worry. ;)


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