Soccer Camp Lunches for My Boy

The boy is off to soccer camp this week!  It's daily, 9am to 4pm, and I am loving it.  He's having a blast and, as an added bonus, he is tired and ready for bed fairly early each night.

He does need to take lunch to camp, so we've actually been packing a cooler each night to make sure he has enough food, enough water, and enough ice to keep it all cold.

This lunch was actually a last minute plan, because I was building a lunch for a different blog project when I didn't love where it was going.  It's cute, but not what I had in my head, so I recycled it into Ben's lunch of the day.

In this lunch, he has a black pepper turkey and marble cheese sandwich, cut with a Lunch Punch dog house cutter.  I also cut an extra piece of the marble cheese with just the dog part of the cutter and used a bit of cucumber peel to make the eye and the collar.  It's not enough to affect the flavor but adds that perfect pop of {edible} color.

I placed the dog house on top of a granola bar ground.  No, really I need somewhere to put the granola bar and that was where it fit best in the box.  The turkey and cheese doesn't make the granola bar soggy by lunch.

To the right, I added a sliced boiled egg and a peeled clementine orange.  I really wanted to add some cute dog picks to accent everything, but I also want all my stuff to come home, so I kept it less decorated for the boy's convenience.

Lest you think this is all his food, he has a cooler full of water bottles, frozen yogurts and applesauces, and plenty of dry snacks like pretzels, goldfish, and granola bars to get him through the day.  I even have dinner in the crockpot so we can eat right after he gets home.