Sunset Bird Cracker Snacks

Last week, we had the chance to check out a special media preview of the new Wings Over Washington ride in Seattle.  After reading the press release, we knew we had to try it out and the kids loved it.  They were officially in the first, non-employee group to ride it, so that made it extra special.

The flying theater ride is a birds' eye view of Washington landscapes, as seen as if you're an eagle, so we decided that we needed to make a cute snack to match--Sunset Bird Crackers!

To make these, you'll need:
Round butter crackers
Another type of deli meat (we used black pepper turkey)

Lay out your crackers and top each with a piece of pepperoni.
Cut circles from your deli meat with a circle cookie cutter and set on top of the pepperoni to finish forming the sunset.
Using a heart cookie cutter, cut the top from a piece of cheese.  Move it up a fraction of an inch and cut again to make the inverted W flying birds.  Keep going up to make more birds.
Place those on your crackers and serve.

If you're in the Seattle area, or visiting Washington, we would definitely suggest checking out Wings Over Washington.  It's located in Miner's Landing, which is on the waterfront and home to the Seattle Great Wheel.

The ride itself is reminiscent of Disney's Soarin' (one of the kids' absolute favorites).  The theater seats lift as the you become a "Spirit Eagle" flying over the natural wonders of Washington state, including Olympic National Forest and Mt. Rainier, the San Juan Islands, and Snoqualmie Falls, among others.  Both kids were impressed with the pine aromas that matched the forest flight and the floral aromas over the gardens.  The lead in to the ride is just as fun, with animated maps of Washington, a virtual park ranger, and talking Native American sculptures.

The Wings Over Washington experience takes about 20 minutes, which leaves you plenty of time to also enjoy the rest of Miner's Landing!  For more details about location, times, reserving tickets, and more, visit the Wings Over Washington website.  If you do check it out, let me know what you think! The four of us highly recommend it!