Quick Bentgo Snack Box

The boy had a Scout event on Saturday morning.  The plan was to be done by lunchtime, but he's kind of always hungry, so I figured he might need something to eat.  I asked him if I could send something fun and he agreed, as long as it was something cool like Star Wars.  I can do that!

In this snack box, he has two Yoda sandwiches, ham and cheese on honey wheat.  Yoda is made with one of our old Williams-Sonoma press style cookie cutters and met his approval for cool characters he can take in his lunch.

Since we started with Star Wars, I added some Star Wars graham crackers I already had.  The theme ended there, since I didn't want to add in food picked, but he did get some sliced strawberries, a sliced boiled egg and a few M&Ms in the cute little middle section.

Lunch is packed in one of our Bentgo boxes since it's not a huge lunch.  I also liked that it would seal tightly since I knew he'd toss this box into his backpack.