Sweet & Simple Snack Bento

Wednesdays are going to be our crazy day this year.  It never fails--even with only a few activities, they all end up on the same day.  The girl has yoga from 4-5pm, both kids have cross-country from 5:15-6:15pm, and the boy has Scouts from 7-8:30pm.

But, on the good side?  I will have an excuse to play with some snack bentos!  Smaller than a total meal, easy to eat on the go, and, if you have preschoolers, these might work for your lunches too. 

In this snack bento, I made bite sized sandwiches with ham and cheese.  Because regular sandwiches are a little bit boring, I cut mine into flower shapes and added flower picks.  The extra meat and cheese was thrown into a chef salad for later and the border collie was more than happy to nosh on a few bread crusts.  

On the bottom, I cut some grapes in half since I apparently bought jumbo grapes and added a cute daisy pick.  I also added a breakfast bar, since I had some leftover from our vacation.  I cut it to fit in the box and added one more pick because it looked plain without.  The box is an old Paperchase one that has been a favorite of mine for years.  The lid actually has little space critters on it, but the inside layout is ideal for snacks.

Again, this is a snack for in the car, between activities for my two.  I fully expect they will be starving for dinner by the time all is said and done!


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