A Mummy Bento for Halloween

Mummy lunches are one of my favorite Halloween lunches because they are super simple to make!  All you need is round sandwich bread and your favorite flavor of white cheese, plus a knife, and they look great in a lunchbox.  My kids usually just flip the cheese parts inwards when they eat the sandwich so it all stays contained.

In this lunch, I made a black pepper and white cheddar mummy sandwich on multigrain sandwich rounds.  I sliced the white cheddar into strips and trimmed them quickly to fit the circle shape of the bread, leaving just enough room to tuck sugar eyes into the "bandages.  I also cut a quick little mouth out of a piece of bologna and added it to the top of the mummy.  Dabs of cream cheese stuck it all together and the kids can just remove the sugar eyes and flip the top piece of bread over to eat it.

Since we are low on fruits, I peeled a tangerine and placed it in an orange silicone cup and added a cute bat pick to match.  I wanted to turn it into a cute pumpkin, but I couldn't find something to make the stem.  I also cut a fruit and nut granola bar in half, and placed it in the third compartment.

I thought the meal needed a little more food, so I added a separate cup with candy corn yogurt in it.  It's not really candy corn, it's vanilla yogurt with a little bit of orange, yellow, and white sprinkles on top of it.  I also added a Lunchbox Love Halloween joke since I found a mummy one!

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes, and the yogurt is in a Tupperware container I've had for years.  They're tightly sealed, so they are my first pick for sending yogurt as a side dish.

And, if you haven't been following me for years, I absolutely love Halloween, so be ready for lots more fun lunches!