Best Gifts for Foodie Teens & Tweens

Do you have foodie teens or tweens in your life?  I definitely do!  Both of mine love to cook and bake and eat, and I'm always looking for great gift ideas to encourage this.

Foodie kids are a group of their own, since most moms and dads already have a well stocked kitchen , but there are lots of great ideas to inspire teens' and tweens' culinary creativity.  Check out our best gifts for foodie teens and tweens, as part of a larger group of gift ideas and lists for tweens and teens.

Mini Dessert Makers:

We have several of these at home, including a mini cake pop maker.  They're perfect for aspiring chefs to experiment with different fun desserts and the mini size is great for treats.

Besides cake pops, we love our mini donut maker and we are thinking we might need a mini pretzel maker.  There are so many varieties available, just check Amazon for mini {what treat you want} maker!

Funky Cookie Cutters:

We're not talking about your run of the mill cookie cutters, but extra fun ones that do stamps and designs.

What about stamper style Star Wars cookie cutters?  We also love these Star Wars Gingerbread cutters.  These DC Comics Batman and Superman logos and these Sugar Skull cookie cutters are on our lists!  No matter what your teen or tween loves, it's possible to find cookie cutters that match.  3D printing makes nearly every design possible now.

Special Kitchen Tools:

With so many cool colors and designs, why not get your teen their own kitchen utensils?  This ten-piece silicone set of cooking tools in tangerines, limes, aquas, and reds is so bright and cheerful!  These silicone measuring cups and spoons would be a great addition for a budding baker.

We also love the idea of getting your teen a set of their own kitchen knives for their cooking adventures.  These swirly handled knives are super cute!

Baking Accessories:

My 14 year old daughter suggested a baking set as her contribution to this guide.  She prefers baking cupcakes over cakes for the serving size and there are so many cute things you can do to decorate them.

Pair up plenty of cute muffin paper wrappers (don't forget to check your craft and dollar stores for different ones), cupcake picks, icing decorator tips, and a pretty cupcake stand for a great gift for teen bakers.  Add in the Hello Cupcake cookbook for inspiration.


Yes, really!  But not the standard cookbooks you remember from your childhood.  Both of my kids love the Food Network and many of their favorite chefs and shows have related cookbooks.

Their picks?  Anything by Guy Fieri, check out his newest Guy Fieri Family Food or Diners, Drive-Ins, and  Dives.  They also like Bobby Flay (try Brunch at Bobby's) and Chopped (try The Chopped Cookbook).

What does the teen or tween in your life love?  And if you have foodie teens, what would you add to this list?

Don't forget, this guide is just one of many designed with teens and tweens in mind.

Check out more gift ideas and lists for tweens and teens on our main gift guide round-up!


  1. We were just talking about gifts this year, and how our child is transitioning away from toys. This is a great list for us!


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