First Halloween Bento of the Season

I'm lifting my after my birthday Halloween rule this year, mostly because last year, it backfired on me.  Apparently, fall in the PNW is rainy, so we had to take advantage of decorating on a sunny day.  Since I'm now in the Halloween spirit, we're starting with Halloween lunches!

In this lunch, I made coffin shaped sandwiches for my zombie fan.  I used ham and cheddar cheese on honey-wheat bread and cut that into two different coffin shapes.  On one, I cut the letters RIP out of cheddar, and on the other, I used a zombie hand pick.

To the right, I peeled a tangerine and used a Frankenstein ring for decoration, then added two pumpkin spice Milano cookies with a couple of spooky green eyeballs on the top one. After I did that, I found the bloodshot candy eyeballs I really wanted to use.  Not pictured, I added a cup of vanilla yogurt with Halloween sprinkles.

We pulled out all our Halloween cookie cutters and food decorations so stayed tuned for lots more Halloween lunches, and our "Try all the pumpkin spice things" review!