More Halloween Bento Fun

Squeezing in a little more Halloween fun yesterday, so I had to make another lunch.  I only get one month to enjoy all the Halloween awesomeness, so I'm going to get my fill one way or another!

In this lunch, I decided that we needed a ghost sandwich since we hadn't done one yet.  I used one of my largest ghost cutters to cut ham, cheese, and honey wheat bread into a ghost shape, then added cute eye picks to give the ghost a happy face.  (FYI, we do NOT like scary Halloween, just cute.)  Since the cutter took up almost the whole slice of bread, I put the extra ham and cheese bits inside the sandwich, then let our dog enjoy a few crusts.

I peeled a smaller boiled egg and placed it in a silicone cup and skewered it with a pumpkin pick, then added a Count Chocula bar for a treat in the main compartment.

In the side compartments, I sliced fresh strawberries and added a witch pick, and sliced grapes and added a bat pick.  They aren't the most thematic fruits ever, but we had them and they needed to be eaten!

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes!  The eye picks and silicone cups are from one of our local Japanese stores, the witch and bat are actually cupcake picks from a baking store, and the pumpkin pick was a dollar store find!