Mummy Dog Bento Snack

We had a stormy weekend, so we hunkered down and spent a fun weekend indoors.  We decided to go all out with a movie night and make mummy dogs, root beer floats, and popcorn.  We had one mummy dog leftover and I knew it would be perfect for a bento snack box.

In this snack, I packed our last mummy dog.  It's actually made from cheddar sausages, since we prefer those to standard hotdogs.  I wrapped it in store-bought crescent rolls, tearing strips to give it a better mummy look, and accented with a set of eyeball picks for the full effect.  You could use dots of mustard or ketchup if you're serving it right away, but those wouldn't last in a box.

Since we needed a few other snack items, I peeled a clementine orange and added a ghost pick, washed some grapes and added a bat pick, then decided on a pumpkin Nutrigrain bar for a treat which got a pumpkin pick!  All of the picks came from the dollar store a year or two ago, but I'd recommend checking there for cute cupcake picks (holiday section, usually packaged with the cupcake papers).  We used a Kid Basix Safe Snacker to hold it all and I had to add in a Lunchbox Love holiday note!