Doctor Strange Bento Lunch

The husband and I got a pair of sneak preview tickets for Doctor Strange last week and OMG!  I'm not really a superhero movie type person (I had to ask Ben to explain Captain America to me) but this was so good!  And of course, I had to make a lunch with it.

In this lunch, I opted for a black pepper turkey and cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds because I wanted a certain shape of sandwich.  I took Swiss cheese (without the holes) to start creating the Sanctum Sanctorum logo, which is Doctor Strange's residence.  I used a larger circle cookie cutter for the outer ring, then freehand carved the rest of the logo with a slightly smaller ring as a working barrier.  It was interesting to try.

To go along with the sandwich, I added a sliced kiwi and a peeled clementine orange in the other two box section.  It looked a little empty, so I added an oatmeal cookie bar to fill it out.  Normally, I'd add a bit of pretzels or similar, but we're out right now.

Next up on my list?  Taking the boy to see Doctor Strange.  Since we only had two preview tickets, the husband and I had date night, although Ben lobbied hard for the Ben-mom night.

Even if you're not up on your Marvel universe (and I'm assuredly not), Doctor Strange fills in the whole back story of his character--how he came to develop his powers, who and what his enemies are, even how he gets his cape.  It's a lot of story line and a lot of action, so I really enjoyed it without having to ask the husband lots of questions about it.

We'll definitely be adding this one to our Marvel collection and I'm getting really excited for the next few Marvel movies to be released (including the Doctor Strange sequel).

Did you see it yet?  What did you think?