Quick Soccer Bento Snack

The boy had his last soccer game today and, as usual, it's pretty much around lunchtime.

Since he definitely needs food right after the game, I packed a quick little snack bento for him to eat in the car on the way home.

In this bento, I made a cute Yoda half sandwich with ham and cheese on honey-wheat.  I used just a single slice of bread, then cut two Yoda shapes with my cutters pressing one to make his face design.

Since Ben would rather have more smaller choices after soccer, I paired Yoda up with some cheese chunks and a sliced boiled egg for extra protein.  I also added a peeled clementine orange for some fruit and a chocolate chip Clif Kids bar for some extra yumminess.  I put all the food in various silicone cups to separate it and packed it tight in a Tupperware sandwich box that holds a lot more food than you'd think!