A Christmas Tree Bento

We're keeping holiday bentos simple right now as we finish unpacking boxes, but that doesn't mean the food can't still be festive!  I found my favorite big box of cookie cutters, complete with my very favorite simple Christmas tree cutter.  It's more of a triangle than a tree with branches, which makes it very forgiving on many types doughs and bread.

In this lunch, I made more turkey and white cheddar sandwiches on white wheat, since that happens to be the current lunch availability.  One normal sized sandwich made two of the bigger trees plus enough room to make a teeny tree from a different set of cutters.  I used star picks to make stars on the top of the bigger trees.

For side dishes, we added carrots and blackberries in little green silicone cups since green seemed Christmas-y, and a few red and white M&Ms in a smaller green cup.  I had to separate holiday M&Ms for baking projects, so these were the leftover ones.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.