First Christmas Bento of the Season

And we are live from Colorado again!  We moved back here from Washington at the beginning of December and are settling in to our new house.

Of course, I had to find all my bento gear and we definitely needed a Christmas lunch!

In this lunch, I made sandwiches with turkey and aged white cheddar on white-wheat bread.  I've been unpacking like crazy to find these particular press cookie cutters (hiding in a basement box) so we have an elf and a Santa sandwich.  They pressed out extremely well and I absolutely love the details.

To go with the lunch, I added a strawberry jam bar, leftover from our long drive here, plus some pretzels for treats.  I also found mandarin oranges on sale, so I peeled one of those for a fruit option.  Lunch is packed in one of our Easy Lunchboxes!