Simple Days, Simple Lunches

We've slowly gotten back into the hang of things here in Colorado.  It took a bit longer than expected--setting up the house, getting schedules worked out, arranging kid activities, but things have settled down.  We're thrilled to be back in Colorado and the mountain views always help!

Since we've been a bit busier than average, we've been enjoying simpler style lunches when we've needed lunches to go.

This lunch was made for one of the kids, for their conservatory class (a 3.5 hour block of fine arts they take every Monday).

In it, we have ham and cheese sandwiches on white wheat, cut with the puzzle shaped Lunch Punch cutter.  I had been debating what to use and one of the kid mentioned they really liked the 4 smaller sandwich pieces, so puzzle it was!

To the right, I added grapes and pretzels, and underneath the sandwiches, we chose oatmeal cookie bars.  Both kids had water to go with their lunches, and since it is a shorter program, snacks weren't needed.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.