A New Goodbyn Hero Lunch

We actually got these Goodbyns Hero boxes back when we lived in Washington, but they accidentally wound up in storage (small kitchen and limited space).  Now that we are in our much bigger Colorado kitchen, I have them in my bento cabinet and ready to use!

Now, the story of this lunch ...

I went to make Ben a normal lunch and realized that the loaf of bread had gotten put on top of the fridge.  It was unfortunately hot up there and the bread was growing new bread.  Which meant we needed a plan b.  Now thankfully, I had a loaf of sourdough in the fridge from a previous night's dinner, so there was an option.  And since sourdough is oddly shaped, the larger Goodbyn compartments worked perfectly.

In this lunch, Ben has a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on sourdough bread.  I cut it in half so it would fit better and used our Toy Story army man picks that a friend sent us from Tokyo Disney.  In the side compartments, I peeled a clementine orange for him and put pretzels in the other section.  And since there was plenty of room in the main compartment and I thought his lunch was a little skimpy on the protein, I put a cheese stick in with the sandwich.

And in other news, I think the fridge in our new house is wonky.  Coming tomorrow, from Amazon, is a fridge thermometer so I can try to figure it out.


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