A Quick Bentgo for My Girl

My girl is not the biggest eater as of late, so I've been trying to send her a lot of smaller items that she can nosh on throughout the day.  Extra bonus points to items that don't get bad later in the day because everything gets eaten eventually.

In this lunch, she chose turkey and cheese sandwiches on honey wheat bread.  Rather than cut them into boring halves, she used a Lunch Punch ice cream cone cutter to make cuter half sandwiches.  She still likes all things cute.  She also chose our Bentgo Kids box because of all the little compartments.  Inside, she has a Clif Kid ZBar, some pretzels, some raisins, and some fruit snacks.  We only had blueberries and blackberries left at the house, so she opted for a whole apple instead.

Either way, she ate it all.  The variety snack box style lunches are really hitting the spot lately.