DreamWorks TROLLS: Make Easy Troll Cupcakes!

Bring home the happy with DreamWorks TROLLS!  We received a preview copy of the movie on Friday and it totally brought home the happy at my house, and just when we really needed it.

If you haven't seen it, we'd definitely recommend it. It's a seriously cute movie, where an unlikely pair of friends (the light-hearted, always happy Poppy and the much more serious Branch) must save the rest of their friends from the Bergens.

But no movie night is complete without at least one fun thing and this week, we are making Troll Cupcakes!  I'm definitely NOT a professional cake decorator, but I can bake a good cupcake and come up with a simple decoration you can replicate at home!

Want to make Troll cupcakes too?  Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

You'll need:
Cupcakes - bake a batch of your favorite flavor,
Cotton candy - I found mine in small tubs at the dollar store, then in bags at the grocery store
Icing to match - you can buy colored icing or dye white icing
Candy eyes
Fruit by the Foot, cherry flavor

Bake your cupcakes and let them cool.  Pick a lighter colored cupcake if you don't want to have to use a lot of icing.

Once your cupcakes are cool, spread a layer of icing on top, using your knife to make it as smooth as possible.

Pull a piece of cotton candy off and shaped it gently by hand to form hair for your troll. I went with a traditional troll "peak" style.

Press it to the icing, leaving half of the icing still exposed.

Take two candy eyes and press them into the icing below the "hairline".

Unroll your Fruit by the foot and use a small circle or oval cutter and cut out a smile for your troll.  Press it to the icing below the eyes.  If you don't have a circle cutter, any small bottle lid will work!

And there you have it, your very own Troll cupcakes!  All of ours were Princess Poppy with pink cotton candy and strawberry icing.  I want to find blue cotton candy next so we can make Branch too.

Now I'm going to make this even sweeter!  (Get it?)  I have a copy of Trolls to give away to one of my readers.  Would your kids love to see it?
DreamWorks TROLLS: Make Easy Troll Cupcakes!

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter and leave me a comment telling me who your favorite Troll character is.  Mine is actually Cooper because he looks like a giraffe. :)  For extra entries, you can Tweet about the giveaway!  And while it's not an official entry, I'd love if you pinned this post!

Thank you!  Giveaway is closed!

Disclosure: Fox Home Entertainment Insiders provided me with a copy of Trolls for my family and for the giveaway, along with other goodies, for the purposes of this post.  All opinions are my own.


  1. We are watching it, right now! So far, our daughter's favorites are the ones that "fart glitter"! LOL

  2. I haven't seen it yet but I like Poppy.

  3. My son likes Branch but I like Poppy.

  4. Our favorite Trolls character is Poppy!!

  5. I actually haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

  6. I have not seen the movie yet, Can't wait to see it. mrsflores78@outlook.com

  7. My favorite is Poppy.
    heather hgtempaddy@hotmail.com

  8. Our favorite Trolls character is Poppy

  9. My daughter loves poppy because she is so happy and sings great songs. My son loves guy diamond and calls him toots glitter.

  10. I love Branch!! The music in this movie is aweosme. I really want to get the soundtrack to listen to. Justin Timberlake is a great performer and I love this Branch character in the movie.

  11. Oh I really love Poppy! Our little one loves Branch! We are so excited to see this movie!

  12. I like Poppy. Always looks happy.

  13. My daughters like Poppy and her beautiful voice! I enjoyed Branch and his role in the movie!

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