Leftovers to Lunches - Chicken Strips

We have had a ton of leftovers lately, so I asked both the kids which ones could possibly be made into lunches.  Now the downside with leftovers is they aren't really the most interesting or pretty lunches.  But the good thing?  They got eaten and aren't still in my fridge!

In this lunch, Ben offered to take the last two breaded chicken strips we had in the fridge.  Since he prefers those with ranch dressing, I did put some ranch in a separate tightly sealed cup for him to dip the chicken.

To the side, he took the rest of a container of blueberries and some mini chocolate chip cookies.  Since it's obviously not the best balanced lunch as is, he took a yogurt tube and a cheese stick with him, plus a granola bar for after school.


  1. I buy chicken strips at the gas station just to pack them for lunches for tournaments or if we are planning to eat at a rest area on a road trip. I let them cool in a single layer and then put them in a container. We eat them plain or dip in tartar or BBQ. If we are staying in a hotel we will warm them up but otherwise we like them cold. If space isn't a consideration I will bring caesar salad to go with them. Our lunch is generally the envy of the other families ;)

    1. We love to stop by our grocery in the evening when they mark everything down and grab yummy stuff from the deli at half price too.

      Yours sounds awesome! That's so much better than having to go to the nearest fast food joint.


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