Quick Lunch for Ben

The kids have a four hour music class on Mondays, with just a short break for lunch.  They eat breakfast at home, then dinner, so we try to make lunch as efficient as possible.  Ben wanted to help make his on Sunday night and I was more than happy to let him join in.

Ben chose a turkey and white cheddar sandwich with mayo on honey wheat bread rounds that he picked at the store the other day.  He also wanted his name on his sandwich, so he used my larger letter cutters on sharp orange cheddar (yay for three letter names).

We bought awesome fresh strawberries at Sam's over the weekend, so we cut those up for a fruit option and he chose some mini chocolate chip cookies for a treat.

Since they have the aforementioned tight schedule, we didn't add extra snacks, especially the perishable ones, but normally, I'd add yogurt, a granola bar, and a cheese stick to round it all out.


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