Simple Kid Made Lunch

We're still emphasizing *easy* lunches right now, mostly because things have been busy.  I was more than happy when my daughter said she'd make her own lunch because she wanted a certain sandwich design, providing I got to take pictures.  So I got a blog post and not to have to make lunch, all in one day!

Now, unfortunately, we were nearing the end of our loaf of bread, so it was more crumbly than average.  I think we probably should have microwaved it for 5 seconds to soften in before cutting.

She chose a ham and cheddar sandwich on white wheat (maybe that's why it's crumbly???), cut with a Lunch Punch fairy cutter.  She swapped out the cheddar star from the inside to the outside to add some color and used a heart pick to look like a wand.

For sides, she wasn't crazy about the fruit we had left, so she picked baby carrots, pretzels, and an oatmeal cookie bar.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.