Be Our Guest Lunch and Beauty & the Beast Review

The kids and I went to see the media preview of Beauty and the Beast on Tuesday.  It's been one of my most anticipated Disney films this year and it definitely did not disappoint.

I also promised the girl that we would come up with a Beauty and the Beast inspired lunch for this week and she reminded me that I did happen to have some teeny tiny teapot and cup cookie cutters ...

In this lunch, I made her tiny tea sandwiches on honey wheat with ham and muenster cheese.  Since they were tea sandwiches, I accented them with some cutouts to invoke Mrs. Potts and Chip feels (and an extra tea cup because there were three sandwiches).  I even added a simple crack for Chip's cup.  I debated faces, but the live-action Beauty and the Beast has more understated, elegant styled characters than the animated version.  Cartoonish faces seemed a bit out of place.

Since Faith was planning on taking this lunch to school with her, we need more food, so I opted for a hard boiled egg, sliced, with a jeweled pick, some pretzel crackers, and cantaloupe, with a mini crown fork to keep up the princess theme.  I even chose the yellow lid for her EasyLunchboxes because it reminded me of Belle.

As mentioned, I've been dying to see the live-action Beauty and the Beast and absolutely loved the movie.

Disney did a great job staying true to the animated original, but adding enough backstory to explain some of the plot questions.  Have you always wondered what happened to Belle's mother and why it was just her and Maurice?  The answers are in the new movie and the scene explaining it is unbelievably touching.  It's a must-see part of the movie.

As with most Disney movies, the music is wonderful.  We all loved the remakes of the original songs from the animated version and the new additions were perfect for the live-action version.  The composers remained the same, so the new songs fit seamlessly into the movie.  We'll definitely be buying the soundtrack as well.

But one of my favorite parts?  The three of us loved it.  I was expecting that I would and pretty much sure that Faith would as well.  But Ben came as the surprise.  You never know what an 11 year old boy might think of a "princess" movie, but he really liked it too and he doesn't remember ever seeing the animated version.

All in all, 6 thumbs up from our family.

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