Simple Pasta Salad Bento

Lately, when I make pasta, I haven't been mixing it into the sauce before serving.

With it just being the three of us (husband is away), we definitely don't finish a box of pasta, but we don't necessarily want more of the same for leftovers.  That means, I usually have plain pasta in the fridge and more lunch possibilities.

In this lunch, Faith knew she did not want a sandwich, but since it was a last minute decision, I had minimal other options.  Leftover pasta to the rescue!

We measured out enough to fill our container, then tossed it in a bowl with Olive Garden Italian dressing (her favorite).  I had some deli ham leftover, so we cut that into small strips, along with diced pepperoni, and then cubed some marble cheese into tiny pieces.  I let the whole thing sit overnight so the flavors meshed well, before adding it into her lunch in the morning.  Now, of course, I'm thinking about all the other pasta salad possibilities.

To the right, we cut up some fresh strawberries and added an elephant fork pick, and she decided to take a small piece of the piƱa colada cake we made the night before.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.