Soft Pretzel Snack Bento

Last shopping trip, I found a four pack of fresh bakery pretzels on sale at the grocery store.  They said "Buy us," so I did.

I realized they would be perfect for a different kind of snack bento, and that was their destiny.

In this lunch, well really it's a snack, we packed one of the big soft pretzels as the main event.  I had to smush it into the box a little bit, but I did manage to fit it in there.  Ben suggested cheese to dip the pretzel, but a) I didn't have melting cheese and b) the kids didn't have microwave access that day.  Instead we went with a simple cheese stick.

To the right, I sliced a boiled egg for extra protein and each kid packed fruit of choice.  Faith chose cantaloupe, as pictured, while Ben chose blackberries.  Since the lunches were identical except for the fruit, I left the blackberry picture up to one's imagination.

Lunch/snack is packed in one of our Easy Lunchboxes!