Leftovers to Lunches - Sub Sandwich Bento

A few weeks ago, one of the sub places by our house was doing a special for jumbo sized subs for only $5.  The kids and I decided that it was time we tried it out.

Now when they said jumbo?  They might have meant "Enough to feed an army."  We ordered three (2 hot, 1 cold) and had enough for dinner, lunch the next day, and two bento lunches.  The picture? Each piece is maybe 1/8 of the whole sandwich.

Anyhow, in this lunch, we used the parts of the cold sub as the main dish--it was ham, turkey, bacon, and cheese on Italian bread.  Thankfully, we realized at the store how big these sandwiches were, so instead of doing mayo or ranch there, I ordered it plain and we added mayo the day we sent them to school.

To the right, we have a mini orange of some sort (I can't remember what kind I bought) and mini chocolate chip cookies.  Not pictured, I added a yogurt tube for a snack.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.


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