Super Salad Bento Lunch

So the girl and I decided that if she wants to take salads, we're going to figure out a way to up the protein content a bit.

As luck would have it, while we were at the grocery store picking up the salad fixings, the deli was putting lots of yummy things on markdown, including some plain chicken bites!  We bought all they had on sale and froze it in portions for future salads.  I also boiled eggs for her in the Instant Pot, since she wanted both egg in her salad and egg salad.

In this lunch, we made a big chef salad--lettuce, cucumber, carrots, (no tomatoes), shredded cheese, diced chicken, and boiled egg slices.  She chose ranch dressing that I put in a separate, well-sealed container.  Since we used a Goodbyn Hero box for the lunch, the mini containers that came with it were perfect for the dressing.

To the side, we used some of the awesome fresh strawberries we picked up the other day.  They were the nicest strawberries we've had in ages, so I definitely wanted to use them.

To the upper right, she chose a few Girl Scout Samoa cookies.  At one of our booth sales, a couple asked her and her friend which ones were their favorites.  Faith said Samoas, her friend said Savannah Smiles.  They bought a box of each and then gave them to the girls to enjoy.  So nice of them!