National Pet Day Dog Themed Lunch

It's National Pet Day!

We absolutely adore our Dante dog, so it's a perfect day to celebrate him.  Of course, every day is a great day when you're Dante dog, because he is a rather spoiled pup.  He also is my designated bento scrap eater.  I swear he has a sixth sense about when I am making lunches and waits in the kitchen for the leftovers.

In this lunch, we decided to pay a little bit of homage to Dante dog with a turkey and marble cheddar sandwich on honey wheat, but into a puppy dog and dog house shape with a Lunch Punch cutter.  To the right, I added pretzel grids and cantaloupe chunks.  After the picture, I realized I should have used a puppy dog pick in the cantaloupe, so there was one of those in the actual lunch.  The gap in the sandwich compartment was filled with a granola bar.  Lunch is packed, as always, in our Easy Lunchboxes.


  1. Wow I love the lunch punch cutter, such a good idea. I will be picking up one of those for my family. I love kitchen gadgets.


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