And Yet Another Egg Salad Bento

Apparently, my children are on an egg salad kick.  It seems like the last several lunch pictures I have are of egg salad lunches.

As a side note, they have eaten other things, besides egg salad!  It seems that egg salad were the only pretty enough lunches to take pictures of.

In this lunch, we have egg salad, the same way my kids always want it prepared, with just egg and mayo.  I did put it in a different container for a change, the Goodbyn smaller one held a two-egg egg salad with room to spare.  We had bought awesome fresh pita bread for a dinner and there was only one left, so I cut it into quarters and added a spoon for scooping.  (I can emphasize how great this bread was, I would have just eaten it warm with butter.)

To the right, I hulled fresh strawberries and again, the depth held more than you would think, about 7-8 whole strawberries.  We had some animals crackers, so those were added for a snack item.

Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero box, and uses the accompanying mini square container (and lid) for the egg salad.