Kid Favorite Egg Salad Bento

We still sometimes default to kid favorite bentos, especially when I am in a hurry.

This one was from shortly after Easter, when I had a plethora of boiled eggs left, and both of my kids have always loved egg salad.  But the best way to serve it isn't sandwiches, it's with crackers or croissants and a spoon to make their own combos at school.  Sandwiches would be much too easy.

In this lunch, I made a quick egg salad.  I know there's all sorts of fancy versions of egg salad, but both my kids like the simplest form, with just boiled egg and mayonnaise.  I use an egg slicer twice to get nice tiny pieces, then mix it with mayo, and scoop it into a big silicone cup to keep it steady in their lunches.

Both kids like different options to go with their egg salads, but in this one, we have simple crackers, probably because I had those opened already.  I added fresh cantaloupe for a fruit, and Faith opted to take a few veggie chips with her.  I believe she also grabbed a yogurt tube as well, since she stays longer at school on certain days.  Lunch is packed in one of our Easy Lunchboxes.