Panda Snack Bento

Pandas make us happy.  Snacky lunches make us happy.  And yummy leftovers with extra good cheeses make us happy.  We're combining all three into one lunchbox!

In this lunch, we combined extra yummy leftover ham, cut into bite sized slices, with two awesome cheeses I picked up at the deli.  The more yellowed one is a monterey jack and the flecked one is a garlic white cheddar.  Both are amazing.  To go with those, I added a bunch of crackers to make mini stackers.

On the right, I had a great fresh honeydew that I had sliced up for the kids, along with some kind of granola bar.  I always empty snack items into bins, so I can't remember what I bought initially.  I accented all the food with cute panada picks, because pandas are awesome, and packed everything in one of our EasyLunchboxes.