Revenge of the Fifth Bento Lunch

I couldn't leave my girl out and she did not need a lunch yesterday, so I promised her I would make her something today instead.  So we went with a Revenge of the Fifth option instead!

In her lunch, she wanted something with Princess Leia, so I used one of my favorite ThinkGeek cookie cutters to make her a sandwich.  The Leia cutter is fairly bit, over half a slice of bread, so I just made one, with turkey and cheese on honey wheat.  The bread was perfect for the imprint and we definitely go the full Leia look.

Underneath the sandwich, she suggested veggie chips, and I suggested she also needed a bit more protein, so we tossed a boiled egg into hot water for a few seconds and remolded it into an R2D2 egg.  We still have cantaloupe leftover too, so she took the rest of that with a Darth Vader pick to carry out her theme.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes, the Star Wars egg mold and pick are from BentoUSA, and the Leia cookie cutters are part of a set from ThinkGeek