Star Wars Day Bento Lunch

May the Fourth Be With You!!!

At the very last minute, the boy persuaded me that he just had to have a Star Wars lunch.  And by the very last minute, I mean around 7:30 this morning, since he starts school at 8:15.  But he's kind of cute, so I gave in.

In this lunch, due to timing, we had to go with easy.  Thankfully, cookie press sandwiches *look* much more impressive than they are to make, so I went with the Yoda press.  He has two ham and marble cheese sandwiches on honey wheat bread.  From past experience, I know that two Yodas take up nearly a full piece of bread, so this is just about a full sandwich.

Since we were still pressed for time, I sent him scrambling about the kitchen to find a few side dishes, while I sliced up some extra cantaloupe for him.  I even found one last Yoda food pick to use to make it more Star Wars-y.  He came up with some parmesan flavored Goldfish crackers and some kind of chocolate granola bar to fill in the space.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.