This is NOT the Droid Your Looking For! Bento Lunch

Is this the droid you're looking for?

Both of my kids are totally obsessed with our R2D2 bento box! I kind of am too, it's just adorable and who doesn't like R2D2?  Want to take a peek inside?

Just pop up the side legs and the box comes apart into three separated sections, two sit right side up and the domed top becomes upside down, so perfect for chips or cookies or another non messy item.  The bottom of one of the middle cups even has an imprint of a Death Star you can use as a sandwich stamp and the seal for the top dome has a circle cutter that fits the box.

In this lunch, I made a ham and cheese sandwich on white-wheat bread and tried out the stamp.  The Death Star was much more visible in person, but it was a rainy day and I had to take pictures in my kitchen.  So semi-visible Death Star it is!

I used another section of the lower body to add cantaloupe, tucked inside a silicone cup for easier cleaning.  The top dome held veggie chips so I could flip it over without worrying that something would leak.  Not pictures, I set a couple of cookies on top of the sandwich and added a yogurt tube.