All New Day Camp Bento Lunches

After a week of teaching VBS and a week at Boy Scout camp, the boy is now home.  However, I received the opportunity to send him to a new adventure camp that had just expanded to Colorado Springs.

The camp is called Avid4Adventure and has locations here in Colorado and in California.  For the day camp, he gets to spend each day doing an adventure sport, so kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, and rock climbing.  It's a very much Ben camp and, since it's all day, he needs to bring a lunch.

For Monday, we weren't entirely sure on how much food he would need, so we went with the above lunch and some packaged snacks.  I didn't want him hungry or wasting food, so I will be adjusting as the week progresses.  And, since his Monday activity was kayaking, I didn't need him to sink.

In this lunch, he took turkey and havarti sandwiches on white-wheat bread.  I used the dinosaur cutter because it amuses both of us and in case he wanted to split up his eating times.  He also had some pizza flavored Goldfish crackers, a peeled clementine for fruit and coconut crackers for a treat.  I added some granola bars, fruit snacks, and cheese crackers in his bag, but asked him to eat the actual food first so it didn't go bad.  We skipped drinks besides water since it's been quite warm here and I didn't want him dehydrating.

Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero with matching smaller Goodbyn side containers.  Since his lunch would have to go on its side in his backpack, I wanted the tight seal of these.