More Bento Lunches for Day Camp

The boy absolutely loved Avid4Adventure day camp last week.

Each day, it seemed, he had more fun than the last and he loved the plethora of outdoor activities, especially being able to focus on one skill each day.  I'm dying to see the rest of the pictures from camp, especially his rock climbing day.

He did take a daily lunch to camp and I kept adding more and more food each day, all of which kept getting eaten!

In this lunch, he chose a turkey and muenster sandwich on white bread rounds.  I didn't bother with decorating it, since I knew his lunch would be vertical in his bag.  With the sandwich, the purple containers hold gouda cheese sticks and a cut up apricot.  To the right, he has cut up strawberries and almond poppyseed mini muffins.

For snacks, I added granola bars, packaged crackers, and fruit snacks.  For drinks, I sent two large bottle of ice water and two small fully frozen water bottles that acted as ice packs and were still cool in the afternoon.  He refilled those several times too.

Because of the storage options, lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero box, utilizing Goodbyn mini containers.  I need the tight seal of those to make sure his food did not move about.