A Fourth Day Camp Bento Lunch

I discovered I have two moree lunches from Ben's week at Avid4Adventure Camp to share

Curious about his camp, since I've been raving about it?  Check out our review here.  He had the best time and we highly recommend it if you live near a location that offers it.

In this lunch, I only packed a few items in the box and had to add a separate bag for extra snacks.  We had bought croissants and Ben really wanted croissant sandwiches,  I made two with turkey and muenster, with the croissant size filling up nearly the entire main compartment.

To the right, he took two almond poppyseed muffins and sliced strawberries.  Not pictured, we added an applesauce pouch, frozen yogurt tube, granola bars, fruit snacks, and lots and lots of water.  Lunch was packed, again, in a Goodbyn Hero Box so he could tip it sideways in his bag.