Service Project Bento Lunch

The kids took part in a hometown mission project with our church last week.

They asked that we send lunches with the kids, so I debated on what to send.  On one of the days, they were working outdoors, so I had opted to send recyclable containers in case they had to throw things out.  The second day, they had moved indoors to work with seniors citizens serving lunch and in the food pantry, so they were able to use a fridge to store their lunches.  Since day 3 was in the same location, I figured I could get a little fancier with the lunches!

In this lunch, I made a yummy chicken salad for the kids.  We had made a great chicken breast a few nights before with a sweet tea marinade (I buy a packet for this, no special recipe), and we love using the marinaded chicken as a base for the salad.  It leaves an awesome flavor and you only need to add mayo.

To go with it, we bought fresh naan and I packed spoons so they could scoop mini bites for themselves.  Both of mine prefer chicken salad with a side of "bread" so it doesn't get soggy.  To the right, I packed strips of gouda and veggie cheeses, along with a side of fruit.  Ben had blueberries in this lunch, Faith opted out of the blue berries and took carrot sticks instead.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes since the kids had the refrigerator option.