How to Make a Penguin Sandwich

We made these penguin sandwiches for a project a few months ago.  I thought they were really cute, and easy enough to warrant their own tutorial!

Get the right kind of bread when you're shopping this weekend and you can surprise your kids with a penguin sandwich for lunch on Monday.  You can even pass them off as owls or other birds too.

What You Need:
Round sandwich thins, any variety
Sandwich fixings
A small piece of orange cheese any variety
Two sugar eyes
A round cookie cutter (a jar lid or glass will work in a pinch too)
A sharp knife

Are you ready?

Separate your sandwich thin.  Using just the top piece, cut a circle out of the bread, lining up the bottom of the circle with the edger of the bread.

Separate the piece you just cut out from the rest of the bread, flip it over, and set it back into place.  This gives you the penguin/bird belly area.

Set aside your top piece of bread for now and make the rest of your sandwich.  I cut the cheese into a large circle too, just because I didn't want to have it sticking out of the sandwich.  Make sure to save a small piece of cheese for later.

Place your top bread back on the sandwich. If you want it to stay in place a bit better, a bit of cream cheese can help it stick.

Grab a sharp knife and one of the pieces of orange cheese you didn't use and cut out a small triangle for the beak!

Place the cheese beak and sugar eyes on top of the sandwich to make the face.  If you're sending this in a lunchbox, a few dots of cream cheese will help hold the features in place.

And voila!  You've got a cute sandwich for your little one with very little work on your part!  You just don't have to tell anyone how easy it was!

My kids would like to point out that the penguin could easily be an owl, or an Angry Bird if you want to add a few little cheese feathers to the top.


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